WAHOOOOOOOOO! We have our approval at last. Now the real work can begin!

Phone calls often happen at awkward times.   I was halfway through hitching up the horse trailer to the truck when I got the call from our realtor Jodi, who told me that our house financing Plan C has been approved by a lender at last!

Cell phone coverage at my horse's current home is spotty at best--my phone can ring almost anywhere on the property (as long as I'm not in a building...or near a building...or standing in the shade of a building...or looking at a building...or thinking about looking at a building) .  To actually hear and be heard on the phone requires cell phone users to stand in one of two 2' x 2' square pieces of grass that, for no apparent reason, have cell phone coverage.  

Of course,  neither of these "cell receiving areas" are any kind of convenient to anywhere a person might actually want to stand for any other reason.  

When the phone rang, I grabbed it and raced towards the green spot in the middle of the outdoor arena to answer.

I'm pretty sure Jodi thought I was just really excited to hear from her.  Well, yes.  

Also, I'd just done the 500-meter dash before I could say "hello."

So, we're approved!   

The sale is scheduled to close on-or-before February 27th, barring both Hell and High Water, both of which have already happened in the last 30 days so maybe we're due for a break.  We can only hope...and continue to keep the fingercrossingcandleprayers going.  Just in case.

After the sale closes, we'll have a little more than a month before we can move in, and we'll spend that time getting fences built, and (weather permitting...there's always that Hell and High Water provision) possibly getting a start on the barn.  

Right now we will start collecting moving boxes, and we will also start collecting stuff for the new barn.   Our friend Paul has unearthed a stack of unwanted T-posts and a big water tank that he plans to sell to us for cheap.  We'll start haunting FreeCycle and Craigslist and garage sales for barn gear...and of course, we'll be getting rid of our "city stuff" on those channels as well.



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