this is the post for city folks who want to know about the house stuff

Here's the basic info about the house:  it's a 2001 doublewide trailer built by Goldenwest Homes.  It has 1,782 square feet, three huge bedrooms, each with a walk-in closet larger than my first apartment, and two bathrooms (one is normal sized, the other would easily house a horse or two friendly ponies).  

The kitchen is approximately 5 square acres, with windows that view the pasture and the building site for the new barn.

For the truly geeky among us, it has R-19 insulation in the walls and R-38 in the ceiling (!) and a woodstove that HEATS the entire house (Colleen was wearing shorts and a t-shirt when we arrived in our multiple layers of polarfleece, wool, and gortex).  

There's plenty of natural light, and big double-paned vinyl windows.  We won't do much with the house for the first year or two, except possibly some interior color on the walls (white is soooo boring) because we think the outside work is going to take almost all our time and energy....but that's another post.   

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  1. Sounds absolutely perfect. I do think you need an older friend who has good luck doo-dads from China to be a regular visitor. And spend the night in that bathroom!


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