Gardener's Playboy: Territorial Seed Company Catalog

Here's some wisdom from Michael Perry, author of Population 485 and Truck: a Love Story:

Never shop for groceries on an empty stomach, they say. Corollary riff: Never order seeds when the world is frozen stiff and leafless.

No kidding.

The photos alone are enough to send me entirely into an unreal fantasyland that reality can never match.

I know that spinach never looks as leafy in my garden as it does on page 74 of the Territorial Seed Company catalog. I know that beans in real life aren't that color. The pumpkin photos are definitely airbrushed--real pumpkins aren't like that.

And yet, as when I glare at the magazine photos of supermodels near the checkout stand, I can't help leafing through the catalog, choosing seeds for my new garden and hoping that someday I will achieve stupendous melons.

Or at least, acquire some really amazing asparagus.


  1. My God! The Metaphor!! Think of the Children!!!

    (heh, heh, heh....)

  2. *LOL* you should see my table where i blog. i have two enormous stacks of gardening magazines from joerg's mom - years and years worth. some seed catalogs too that make me yearn for the time when it's possible. i've even made a list of plants, and i've drawn little pictures of the plant next to each name. my wish list for my yard/garden/greenhouse. i am learning all the german names too. foxglove is finger hat, columbine is akalei. i can't wait!!!!!!

    i'm also trying to learn all about composting - have you done this? is it true that your compost pile should be 2/3 carbon items and 1/3 nitrogen items? that's gonna be rough cuz manure is nitrogen, and kitchen waste is also nitrogen. hrm. help? how hard is it to keep that balance if you don't have many trees shedding leaves?



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