While we were taking photos,snow rolled down the mountain to welcome us

Really, the snow followed Jim down the driveway, it was quite amazing!

I took lots of photos today while he was out taking the water sample and measuring everything with the GPS.

We found all kinds of stuff, including a treehouse--dilapatated, but the ladder up is still sound and the platform is repairable, assuming we can keep the BLACKBERRY VINES at bay. Jim is now searching for a tractor that has a flamethrower attachment....

There is a line of fenceposts already along the north pasture line, so we'll just need to put up field fencing and some "hot" electric tape there to keep the horses on the inside...and then get busy planting fenceposts on the west, south, and east lines. There is an outbuilding onsite already that we can use as temporary hay storage, so really, we can move the horses in as soon as the fences are up. Hooray!

I'll put up a separate post for all the city folk who want to know more about the HOUSE, and then a completely different entry for the country folks who want to know about the outbuildings. Cuz, I know y'all are all out there.


  1. oh, i just noticed these other two posts: ) so they started to build a fence i see. but good, no blackberries here!

    so, he walked the property line with a gps - was that to see exactly how large it is or cuz he wants to hide geocaches on the perimeter?


  2. He was cross-checking the surveyor's marks with the GPS record and the county's database records. At one corner we found three different boundary markers...very close together, but still, very weird.

    I also had questions about the altitude gain from the house to the top of Ebey Mtn, so he was getting that data for me (answer: more than 1,000-ft elevation gain in under a half mile). What a nice geeky guy!

    No geocaches anywhere on Jim Creek Rd, as far as I can see--weird! But perhaps the proximity to the Naval Antenna Farm has discouraged people?


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