One-word description of my "happy-place": BARN. No other words needed.

Sky's barn plans arrived in the mail yesterday, and were waiting for us in the box when we returned home from meeting with Tony the Caffeine Junkie.

It's perfect! (click the picture to enlarge it)

Very humble, really, but completely practical. We'll be able to start with just a basic shelter for horses and hay, and expand in time to make it fancier.

I can hardy wait to get started!!!


  1. so cool, and way bigger than mine: )

  2. Well, it's not built yet, either.

    You already have a building you can use! I'm jealous of that.

  3. I can't find any details on how you came up with this barn plan.... I don't suppose you have a blog on the hunting process? For those of us who are researching loafing sheds vs barns?

  4. this is a plan similar to others at barns I worked at 20years ago. It's a simple straightforward design, and works best with geldings who get along. Mares aren't quite so good about sharing space, in my experience.

    We ended up with a very different design.


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