The dogs are ready to move the household; the cat, not so much, really

No word yet on a closing date, but things are ticking along.

Meanwhile, back at the old house, we are accumulating boxes, and starting to pack things up.

The cat does NOT approve of this activity.


  1. oh, this post! this post has altered our living room and hallway so much.

    i had to show it to my man, and explain that you really don't drink, but that in america, liquor stores are the best places to go for moving boxes.

    so my man must have felt inspired, by all of your work, because he grabbed the carkeys and went to procure some moving boxes.

    when he got home with them, he was a little ticked off. he said "i'm mad. all these boxes are wet."

    sure enough, the boxes that his family lent us are damp to wet. so now, we have boxes everywhere, trying to dry out. some of them are hopelessly collapsed, 2 dimensional forever, and we won't try to force them to be boxes again. but nevertheless, our house is full of empty, drying boxes now.

    cuz of yer post: ) (i'd been using canvas bags to move most of our books until now. we'll see if that changes when they dry.)

  2. ROFLMAO!!! Tell that man to get busy packing up your stuff!

    No, we don't drink nearly enough to get that many boxes on our own. A bottle or two of rum per year is about all.

    Do liquor stores in Germany not have reusable boxes? Curious....

  3. there are no liquor stores here. it's like the entire country is las vegas - liquor in the grocery stores. i don't know what liquors are available here cuz i don't go in that section. i do notice young kids buying liquor, that is a real shock for me. i think the drinking age is 18, but i saw a kid buying for a bunch of his friends who looked younger than that. then they sat out front of the store and drank it - whatever it was (vodka?). people walking around town or riding the bus while drinking beer still surprises me. for holidays like easter, drinking champagne in church still surprises me.

    there are, however, beverage stores, that sell coke, orange juice, water, and alcohol. basically everything you can drink, in a separate store or separate building next to a store. the beverage culture here is so different. so, basically no one drinks cans, everyone drinks from bottles. but you return all the bottles when you're done, to these same shops, for your refund, which is like, half the price of the drink, so you always, always do this. since you always do this, they sell you the 12 packs of liter-bottles in these big plastic carrying cases. no cardboard at all, the plastic cases make carrying the drinks to the car or home easier. (lots of people don't have cars here, and getting water home without a car sucks - i did it for 7 months!)

    so then you return the 12 empties in the same plastic carrier, and go get a new one. so odd!

    sometimes i really miss the experience of just snapping open a can of coke classic.

    what are the two most popular sodas in germany? spezi and apfelschorle. spezi is orange soda mixed with cola, and apfelschorle is a carbonated apple juice, like sparkling cider. it's common to mix it with water (of course all the drinking water here is also sparkling) and i've even gotten into the habit of mixing my orange juice with sparkling water. so far, i don't mix coke zero and water, heheheh.

    when my family came to visit for our wedding last march, they would always order "Tap water" at restaurants. all the restaurant staff had to double check that's what they really wanted. sure enough, americans drink that! but i've stopped altogether, while i'm here.

    no ice in beverages either - cuz there are no free refills and everyone wants their .2 liters.

    and don't get me started about the mini coffees...



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