If I'm ever dying I'll buy a house: it makes time go dang slow!

Here's the weekly update from the title company.   

It means, basically, that the banks are busily doing whatever it is that banks do.  


But...we are still on schedule!

1/2/2009  Open Escrow
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM
1/2/2009  Order Title
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM
1/5/2009  Request Payoff Information From Seller
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM
1/7/2009  Send Title To Buyer/Seller
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM
1/20/2009  Request Commission Disbursement Form Listing
by Nicole Minnick at 10:43:23 AM
1/20/2009  Confirm Listing Broker CDF is In
by Nicole Minnick at 11:15:24 AM
1/23/2009  Confirm Selling Broker CDF is In
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM
2/17/2009  Order Payoffs
2/20/2009  Confirm All Payoff Demands are in
2/20/2009  Contact Lender For Status Of Loan Documents
2/23/2009  Receive Loan Documents
2/25/2009  Send Estimated HUD To Listing Agent
2/25/2009  Send Estimated HUD To Selling Agent
2/26/2009  Make Seller Appointment
2/26/2009  Make Buyer Appointment
2/26/2009  Send Loan Package Back To Lender
2/27/2009  Release For Recording
2/27/2009  Close And Disburse
3/2/2009  Send Final HUD to Listing and Selling Broker


  1. how frustrating. i can't say i know exactly how you feel, because buying a house in germany is like getting married in germany. i'm pretty much helpless here, and my man had to do everything for us both. i'm very grateful that joerg and his mom took care of almost everything for our wedding, and the house? i have no idea about many of the details.

    i don't recognize the things on your list, so either things are very different here, or i just don't know what's goin on: )

    we had to go, with the seller, to a notar (notary). and sign the terms of sale, meaning what house, how much, and when exactly the money will move. they wrote down feb 15.

    but this friday the sellers move out, and give us the key. we haven't paid yet, hello!?

    but we've contracturally paid, i guess.

    i know there was a really good lender who changed their mind and wouldn't give us the money when they appraised the house too low. each bank has their own appraiser. the bank we went with had it appraised AFTER signing, so that's confusing to me, cuz if it were worthless, they'd be stuck lending anyway (so joerg says). it wasn't "worthless" they said, but appraised it at lower than what we paid. that is normal, i hear.

    when will the house actually FEEL mine, i wanna know? probably when the owners are gone.

    funnily, the field feels mine already, because even though we pay for that too on the 15th, the owner doesn't have any interest in that field. i spent 5 hours there yesterday, just talking to the field and stream and two oak trees, and getting to know it. where the heck am i gonna subdivide it for rotational grazing? i guess i don't need to worry about that yet, there's still barbed wire on many of the posts.

    i'm trying to learn patience, this is very slow. i want to LIVE THERE darnit. we haven't even started packing, cuz we have all of march for that.

    it's fun to go thru this with you!


  2. I understand completely. At the beginning of the process with financial stuff, I was right there, reading books, examining the fine print and asking questions.

    Then came Plan B, and then Plan C....and now the finance guy brings stuff to the library and I sign papers on my break and don't have a chance to read them. Gah.

    I started packing YESTERDAY, because if we stay on the current schedule, we'll be able to move at the beginning of March, rather than the end. So a bunch of non-essential stuff is now in boxes. Already the house we're in now looks kind of forlorn.

    It's weird to be in a household with animals who don't immediately understand what "moving boxes" mean. My old shelties moved so much with me that they pretty much thought that we lived in the truck and we visited a lot of apartments and houses. These young shelties have only lived in one other house with us--and the young cat came straight here from the shelter last year. He assumes the boxes in the hallway are new cat toys!

    Will you get a cat, once you're moved? Or a dog? How can you have a farm with no dog?

    I'm glad we're going through this together (albeit a few thousand miles apart). It helps me remember that I'm only losing my mind temporarily....


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