In which camping is a really good activity for a good dog

Camp is a good place for dogs.

In camp, there's pretty much always some piece of wilderness to be explored.There are work crews to supervise.
There's always somebody around to pet a good dog.And hey! People share food with dogs in camp!
And water, too.In the afternoon, it's okay to take a nap.
When you wake up from a nap, you can play!

Hanging out by the fire is always better with friends.

To be a dog in camp is a very good thing.

But, at the end of camp, after you've rolled in the bacon grease...'s nice to come home again.


  1. haha! Camping is a dog's happy life for sure. :)
    Fun pics and video.


  2. They all look so happy! I LOVE camping with my dog (she's a wirehair pointer). When she sees the camper getting hitched up, she gets super excited. If the camper is set up in the yard, she'd rather be hanging out in it - then in the house!

    I can't agree more!! Dogs that get to go camping live enjoyable lives indeed!!

  3. Now my dogs know what ride camp is like, I will have a harder time leaving them home... good thing they can't read this blog!

  4. Oh, that's so cool! I think Cersei would really like camping.

  5. How great to see the dogs being included in equine camping experiences. I love the video of your two shelties - my two senior shelties both died last month, just a week apart, and I miss them very much. There's nothing like a lap full of sheltie!


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