In which we clap and cheer for Tevis riders: unofficial results

Unofficial results from the Tevis webcast page:

#49 Karen Chaton and Bo finished at 3:33am
#67 Molly Farkus and Duffy pulled at Chicken Hawk (50 miles)
#68 Mel Faubel and Farley finished at 3:59am
#98 Jonni Jewel and Hank finished at 4:46am
#110 Paul Latiolais and Pete pulled at Franciscos (85 miles)
#149 Trina Romo and Cecily G pulled at Last Chance (50 miles)

Congratulations to all Tevis teams!


  1. I like the green and purple thing!

    Hey, who was the Pacific Northwest Gaited Club crewing for? They always looked busy when I'd stumble across them. They had really nice purple shirts though!

  2. Gaited people were probably crewing Paul Latiolais, Molly Farkus, and Sue Walz. All were pulled along the way, but not the fault of the Gator crew, I'm sure!

    The Gators are the second-most-fun team in our region. (The Pirates are the most fun, obviously)

    Funder, I can't wait to hear about YOUR Tevis adventures. Did you see Mel and Farley?


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