In which a rider has no sense at all and we learn from his mistakes

Here's a new game, Readers:

Spot the potential disaster.

Here's how we play: I'll post some photos, and you can collectively try to identify everything this rider has done to provide opportunities for catastrophe in a ridecamp.

Ready? Okay.......GO!

By the way, this game is rigged. This rider created so many possible crisis situations that the entire camp was ready to drop him head-first into an empty water tank.

I'll post some of the details soon. Meanwhile, see how many hazards you can find!


  1. Let me try....

    Dead electric fencing around very small enclosure? They didn't really tie the fencing on with rags? Tell me it is the halo from corneal gutatta, and not strips of cloth? I could see a hoof getting hung on that lower strand.

    Hanging straps on blanket?

    Loose halter + steel posts to get hung up on?

    Horse out of hay and feed ( a.k.a. the grass is greener on the other side)?

    Are the water buckets empty too?

    Let's the horse a stallion??? Surely not.

  2. Adding to EG.... Halter and T-posts.

    T-Posts without caps

    Blanket with electric fence if is is on, horse won't feel it

    Unsecured buckets that will be tipped o ver soon enough, and then.....

    The metal handles on the buckets are things horse will get let through....

  3. Well I've never horse camped and roughed it. The horse camping I've done is with the horses in secure paddocks.

    But even I can see that this situation is all wrong.

    First of all, that is NOT electric tape...that is just plain old rope, right?
    And there is also a jimmy rig gate created out of bungees. gah! That's an accident waiting to happen for sure.
    No end caps....but lots of duck's that going to keep a sharp t-post end from spearing that horse if it rears up or tries to jump?

    And of course....huge no-no with the halter on and the use of t-posts. That's just plain stupid.

    Oh, and those paint/laundry detergent buckets are ridiculous. Way to0 narrow for a horse to drink or eat out of....they topple easily and have a handle that can get caught on the horses nose, ears, halter, name it!

    There's plenty of hay in there and the black feed bucket looks fine.

    I'll have to go back and look again for the "Where's Waldo's Dumb Mistakes" game. lol!


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    Don't squat with your spers on!

  4. Ok....I think that blanket is way too big and very poorly fitted for that horse. The leg straps are so long that the horse could get his legs tangled up easily, trip, and possibly fall into that chaos of fencing......and what a wreck that would be.

    And I also noticed that the rope is "secured" using duck tape, so it doesn't slide down those t-posts. Crazy.....

    Did y'all educate this dude on the safe and correct way to fence his horse? How did he take the information?


  5. I cant play, since I heard about all the nonsense in the PNER group :)

    Unreal, I wish I cold see his face, because I think I walked with him a tad at Mt Adams as he was finishing up the ride and tie.

  6. Is the water bucket directly under the fence?

  7. Come on now Aarene - you didn't mention the part about him staying in town :-)


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