In which Saturday Story lovers pause to support the ones they love

Greetings, Saturday Story Lovers!

I don't do this very often, but the radio station that broadcasts the storytelling program that Jim and I host on Sunday mornings is having a pledge drive.

The station is so dang close to reinstating our Corporation for Public Broadcast status. We need pledge money, but more than that we need more people to join, even at the $1 per week level. That's just $4 a month--you need more than that to buy a decent coffee in my town! It's a bargain!

If you've got a buck and you like stories, here's your chance: call the station at (425) 303-9070 and make a pledge. You can also pledge online by clicking here. We'd love to hear from you while the show is on the air, Sunday morning from 9 to 11, but if that isn't convenient, you can call anytime on Saturday, too. Be sure to tell them that you love storytelling!

And here's the deal: I will dedicate a story on the air to you or to somebody you love when you pledge. Leave a note in the comments so I'll know to whom I should dedicate stories during the program.

If you live far from the Swampland, you can listen online to the storytelling on the website:

Remember: we broadcast live from the Swamp on Sunday mornings, 9am to 11am. And we want to hear from you!


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