In which the weather forecast is good enough: I'm heading to Foothills!

Although this ride is famous for beautiful scenery and abysmal weather, the forecast for Foothills of the Cascade says SUNNY.

I'm heading out in about an hour. Right now I'm trying to convince myself to eat breakfast--the drive to the ride always makes me much more nervous than the actual ride. Silly, I know.

Wish us luck and fun!


  1. cuz where you live it's possible to spend more time driving to a ride than doing the ride! i think i still have my foothills coffee mug, pretty thing. in a box in my parents' attic, of course, like most of my books, so i won't be doing a photo blog of my bookshelf *sigh*.

    have fun, try to top ten.

    jk. just have fun.


    I hope you have a great time. :) We'd meet you there!

  3. The drive took 5.5 hours (each way). The ride took 5 hours!

    You know what this means: it's time next season to kick up to 50's.


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