In which I ride both horses, and it's a pretty day out on the trails

Jim and Hana are going to start taking arena lessons again, and Hana hasn't been out of the pasture in at least a month. Hmmmm.

The day before the first scheduled lesson, I figured that even a chubby little Arab probably has some extra "fizz" from all that leisure time, so I took her out on the trails for a little while.
I'm pretty sure the white fluffy stuff at the top of the photo is some of Hana's steam, which finally blew away after almost two hours on the trails!
She's so much fun to ride, but she has a little more "spunk" than you want for an arena lesson...especially if it's the first time the RIDER has been in the saddle for 6 weeks!

She and I did about 6 or 7 miles of walk, trot and canter. The Tree Farm wasn't very crowded, probably because the weather forecast was for "dismal." The actual weather was kind of pretty!
Hana, de-fizzed. Still kinda pudgy, though. She'll be glad to have her dad back in the saddle again.

After Hana was back in the pasture again, it was Fiddle's turn:

Fiddle didn't have much steam to blow--we'd done a quick-paced ride with our friends the Fish just a day earlier. She was all kinds of snarky for that kind of ride, even before we got to the trailhead. For this ride, she moved out with a free stride and a pair of happy ears.

The view from the bottom of a gigantic pothole.

The view as we near the top of the pothole.

The view of the sun through Swampland trees. So pretty!

Happy horses, happy rider. Happy day!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to ride. I sure wish I had access to more trail riding locations.

  2. Gorgeous trails! I came over from Erin's blog (Dom, Ozzy's owner). I think I'll be reading from now on :)


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