In which the best part of sn*w in the Swamp is that it's gone pretty fast

This is not what I want to see when I look out the windows at the Farm:
Ahem. Pumpkins are supposed to be ORANGE. Not WHITE.


There's only one cure for the way I feel...
c'mon Fiddle. Let's go check out the woods.

Hmmm. White here, too? Bah!

The trails are still the right color, at least.

and the longer we stayed out, the less whiteness we saw.
Fine! Perfect! Excellent!
Green, red, yellow, brown: all good colors.

Mimsy and Puzzle also think that purple is another nice color for a cold November afternoon!
Life is good. (The sn*w is gone again, at least for now. Whew!)


  1. That was a close call, Aarene. Glad you dodged a bullet!

  2. Brrrr! Looks like frosted sugar out on the trail ride. Very pretty!


  3. Yes ma'am, and you can keep that white stuff that shall not be named!

  4. Pretty even though it was white!!!!

  5. Perfect weather for a ride. What kind of saddle is that you are using? I just purchased a specialized and my horse and I are trying to get use to it.

  6. It's coming down white again this morning; NOAA says we'll probably get an inch or less accumulation...which, hopefully, is not enough to gunk up the roads. I'm staying home this morning anyhow. I don't mind riding in it so much as driving in it.

    @lifeshighway, mine is, indeed a Specialized Euro. Are you having difficulties doing the fitting? If you aren't comfortable in the saddle (if you feel tipped forward or thrown back, for example) then it's not fitted right yet. Carol Brand is the dealer who sold me this saddle and taught me to fit it. If you post photos someplace, she can look at them and offer suggestions (or I can, but she's much better at diagnosis!)

  7. I also bought the specialize international but of course I keep second guessing myself on the eurolight.

    Yesterday was the first long ride in the saddle and I was a bit unsure in it. I have been riding in an all purpose saddle for years and of course I have muscle memory for that more forward position. I went with specialize because I got tired of paying the saddle fitter fees.

    I cannot tell how well the horse is liking it because he is very sensitive and wants to know why in the heck am I riding in a different position. Therefore he was unsure.

    I am so-so with understanding the fit. I did not like the sweat marks on his back, so I probably do not have it correctly fitted.

  8. Snow on the pumpkins, Yuck! Right now we're buried in the stuff. It's beautiful but not fun to take care of horses in.

  9. Okay. Sold.
    I'm officially corrupted to trail riding. (I can still do that other stuff too) GORGEOUS.
    Thanks for all the pictures. We are in torrential rain.
    Snow is harder, but so much prettier!

  10. Heh heh heh, Jane.

    You are sold on trail riding, hmmmm. Just wait. Soon you will be sold on endurance riding !

    Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaahhhh!

    (Shaun will love seeing you in endurance colors. Ooooh, and Hudson! What color tack would he like? I'm thinking maybe a nice bright yellow...or a classic forest green...or maybe a medium, perhaps?)


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