In which Hallowe'en is my favorite day of the entire year!

We started the day early at the radio station. So early, in fact, that the kids had not yet emerged from their cocoons.

But, when you host a storytelling radio show, and your show airs on Hallowe'en Morning, it's important to get going early to squeeze the fun out of every moment of available airtime!

Abbie doesn't look awake, but she told some blood-curdling tales.

Maggie looks like a sweet little lady...and she is. But when you invite her to tell scary stories, be prepared to be SCARED.

Jim's a scary guy as well. Sweet, yes. But scary! (I love that).

If you missed the show, don't despair. I'm trying to figure out if we can post portions of it online someplace. If you know of a good (free?) podcast host, please let me know!

After the show, we woke up the kids and took them outside to play at the local corn maze.
There were other (silly) activities there as well:

(trip trap, trip trap! I want a goat bridge for our Gruffs!)

Since it was the last day of the corn maze/pumpkin patch "season" there was an EXCELLENT deal on the admission price: each admission allowed you to play as many games and mazes as you wanted to play and you could take as many pumpkins as you wanted to haul out of the field!
We love pumpkins!
These punks will not only be our jack-o-lanterns, but they will also be a source of pumpkin soups and pies--and what we don't eat, the chickens will eat!
After gathering punks, it was time to humiliate the pets:

And then, we can't forget to carve our jack o'lanterns!

Lisa's very first!
Willy did this last year, he considers himself an expert now.
Jim doesn't mess around with knives. He goes straight for the power tools.
Happy Hallowe'en!


  1. Awesome Halloween post! Its my favorite holiday too (well, I do like Christmas a lot).
    We had a little party on Friday but I've lost my witches hat and didn't get to dress up this year :(
    I am quite impressed with the use of power tools in pumpkin carving, perhaps next year I can entice my husband to carve some pumpkins!
    How is the new barn coming?
    Karen W.

  2. Aarene! Now I want my very own goat butterfly. How rare is that? I'm still trying to figure out what they pollinate and where they could hang their cocoons.

    I could put butterfly goat plants in my garden, to attract the critters.

    I want one so bad...

    (love the post!)

  3. I have briefly considered building a goat bridge thing, but then I realize that I don't want my goats to learn to climb well!

    Thanks for sharing your Halloween - it looks lovely!

  4. Very fun! Them's some warty punkins, too. Great idea. Power tools just make sense. Gotta try that next year.

    Who knew that sharks hunted goats?


    word verif: carries

    They carries pumpkins. hah!


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