Thursday, June 3, 2010

In which I'm leaving, and hope to come home with pictures and no stories

The rig is loaded, hitched, and ready to go!

Madeline and I are going to the Klickitat Trek Endurance Ride this weekend. I plan to enter Fiddle in the Saturday 30-mile ride...and possibly the 30-mile ride on Sunday as well.

The goal is to take beautiful photos and have no interesting stories to tell by the end of the weekend.

Interesting stories often involve injuries and stuff, so we want to avoid them.

Beautiful photos are taken by happy, smiling people, so we want lots of those.

Wish us luck!

Monday, May 31, 2010

In which horses are good for whatever ails ya, and life is so good

Lytha left a comment on this blog last week:
My mom sent me a package for my birthday and she always stuffs lots of Seattle Times articles inside that she thinks i'll enjoy. i really do! one of them had your name - it was a photo contest you submitted an entry for - no idea when - a pic of hana in the woods. awesome! and i'm so happy my mom remembers your name when she sees it in the paper: )

I took the photo on January 18th, 2009, only a few days before our financing for the purchase of Haiku Farm was approved. In all the excitement of buying the farm at last, I guess I forgot to share this beautiful picture with the blog readers!

(Here's the link to the Seattle Times, where the photo was awarded an honorable mention in their annual "Reader Photos of the Year" contest).

That gloomy day in January, Jim and I were afraid that the financing would fall through yet again, and we just threw up our hands in frustration and took the horses out for a ride. The day was gloomy and wet...but less than a mile from the trailhead, we saw sunlight filtering through the trees. I grabbed my camera, and Hana turned her head to look back at Fiddle just as my finger pressed the shutter.

We returned to the trailer with a renewed sense of calmness and hope...and a few days later, we got the approval and began our new life on Haiku Farm. Looking at the photo now, I remember how much happier we were that day, after riding together in the rain.

Here's a short video of riding in the rain this afternoon. Look at all the new growth on those young trees!

Life is good. Don't forget that--it will probably be on the test later.