In which fame comes my a standardbred-ish sort of a manner

I just got a note from the publisher of Hoof Beats  magazine that my article "After the Finish Line : Standardbreds go the distance as endurance horses" has been published in the May 2011 issue!!!

Actually, Dom from the Collection of Mad Escapades blog in New Jersey saw the hard copy this morning and emailed me.  She recognized the photo of me and Fiddle...and then she recognized her own photo with her standie Ozzie. 

"Real" freelance writers probably get notes like that all the time, but I'm pretty new to the biz (and I have no intention of quitting that dayjob, either!) so I'm just plain thrilled.

Hoof Beats doesn't publish the entire issue of their magazine to the web, so if you want to read my article (and give me the additional thrill of sending it to you!), send me a note in the comments with your email address and I'll email it privately.  

Doing the happy-butt-dance.  Also, the sn*w is melting.  Hooray!


  1. Wow I love how big they used the photo :) I think that's a great shot of the two of you and I'm thrilled that it's getting all this exposure hehehe :)

  2. YAY!!!!! That is awesome! I have not yet gotten my May Hoofbeats, but I will be looking for it!(Or maybe if I did get it, I have not looked at it....LOL. There is a huge stack of magazines waiting for me to find time to read.)

  3. Please send me a copy of your article:

  4. Cool! Way Cool! I want the FULL article :-) Sun here too! Hope to ride tomorrow!

  5. Super Duper (am I showing my age? Way cool was taken).
    I wanna copy!

    OT--Is gigantor's saddle "wide" or just "tall"? My girls, you may remember, are both wide body models. You can try my Tucker if you want--or my Crosby PSG... On whichever spottie horse you want...

  6. Too cool!! I want the article too!

    Can't believe you actually had snow, its just COLD here.

  7. WHOO HOOO!!
    You two look so professional! And great!
    I'm going to buy the magazine, gotta support the people who put you on the cover, and I'm sure it's a terrific article.

    (BTW, the redhead Hudson is enamored guessed it, half Standie, half Arab, all hussy girl!)

    So proud. Do you mind if I wave it around the barn and say I know you? :)

  8. CG: I will send tomorrow!

    Jane: I am beginning to think you are my SISTER. Only this explains our similarities: relatives in B'ham (which is a genetic black hole) and, of course, standies!
    Now I understand Hudson's love of the red hussy!

    a large wild cat with stripey fur

  9. Still super excited! Good for you :) What a fun surprise.

  10. Nice!
    can you pleas send me a copy too: :)
    I have written about my first horses adventures to our local horsey- magazine in Estonia (well, we have only one horse magazine) a few times and can imagine the feeling you got ;)

  11. Hi, I'm a friend of Dom's. I'd love for you to email me a copy of the article!

  12. I would LOVE to read the article. Could you email a copy to Thanks!

  13. Congratulations! Very Cool!

    I used to be 2Grandmas2, this is my new blog (only a week old, but I'm blabby).

  14. Congrats! Please send me a copy too if you can? I used to sub to Hoof Beats just for these sorts of stories. Thanks in advance.

    groovyacres at gmail dot com


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