In which some of us are Poster Girls (plus Oz, who is a Poster BOY)

The folks at the United States Trotting Association are starting up a campaign to encourage trail riders and endurance riders to choose Standardbreds for their sports. 

There will be  (small, at first) advertisements in upcoming issues Trail Blazer magazine
 and Endurance News.

Recognize the familiar faces?

Hooray for Standies!!!!


  1. Yay Standies! And yay for awesome friends who own endurance Standies! :D

  2. And yay for certain photographers who took the picture of awesome friends who own endurance Standies!


  3. Ads are perfect! Fiddle looks like a show horse. Hudson agrees: the redhead he likes is a standie/arab X.

  4. Congratulations Aarene! Fiddle too! You two are the perfect emissary's for our sport!


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