In which we purposely mis-quote an old Star Trek movie about "whales"

It's been a long time coming, to get to this day.
I need to do a "retrospective" on building this barn, because it's taken so dang long--and it's only half finished.  But I can't wait for that. 

I have to crow that as of today the horse stalls are finished at last!!! 

Or, as only a Trekker would say:  "There be WALLS here."

 You can see on the left side of the photo (above) the chaotic stack of building materials and tools--that's all the stuff we need to build the other half of the barn.  We've got all the parts, and now finally we're getting enough daylight to stick everything together.

Is it crazy to want to award something "Most Valuable Tool"?  Because that's how I feel about the turbo-heater that Jim found on Craigslist.  We use this thing whenever we have to paint stuff (ahem, like the walls) and also whenever we discover that yet-another-thing-or-other has gotten wet.  Set the turbo-heater down and enjoy warm and dryness!  

 Luna:  most useless decorative dog.  But definitely the cutest.

Lisa is the go-to-gal when stuff needs painting. 

She's got a whole "painting outfit" set aside so she doesn't need to wreck any other clothes.

 Fiddle's stall looks like an empty apartment, waiting for furniture to move in.
 Lisa helped put the finishing touches on the goat fence, a.k.a. the semi-permeable membrane.  NO GOATS IN THE NEW BARN!  (except when they escape into it, obviously).
 Jim installs the gutters.  Yeah, those are kinda important in a Swampland building.
 Drains:  you can never get too many of those around here.
 Filling the water tank! 

Next step:bringing in the new residents!  (sorry about the photo quality--it was dark before we could move the horses in, and raining, so the flash on my camera took a bunch of pictures of brightly-lit raindrops...)
 "Hey, Food Guy! You have accidentally left the goat outside!"
 Hana checks out her new quarters.
 Jim is proud of the new barn.  Hana is mostly interested in the grass that has grown up in the 8 months since we started building it.
 Fiddle demonstrates the value of tall doorways.  Geez, the mare is big.
 Fiddle in twilight, enjoying some dinner while her new stall waits patiently out of the rain.

Meanwhile, back at the house:
 Carrot-Cauliflower soup--perfect for a wet day of construction work.
 Lisa grates fresh ginger.  The soup is good with fresh or dried dill on top, OR grated ginger
 or BOTH, with sourdough bread.

Do I need to say this, or do you already know it?

Life = Good.


  1. i LOLd at the Trek quote, of course!

    no more sharp edges to cut yourself on (on that side!).

    last week we tried to install insulation on the ceiling and all but two pieces fell down the next day. good thing baasha wasn't in there at the time. hm, we'll have to find better glue.

    i love ginger carrot soup but don't make it very often because my man doesn't love it like i do. i can drink the whole pot of pureed orangeness myself, mmmm.

    let us know how the mares like their new home! i spent an hour last night sitting inside my stall with baasha with the pouring rain making it very cozy in there. isn't it good to have a rain shelter!

  2. Looks great! The important half is finished, anyway.
    Are the doors sliders or swingers? It looks like the water tank blocks Hana's door--or do you plan on never closing her in (a rarity at my house, unless someone is sick)? Is the final color white? Or mint green?
    Questions, questions! Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. It looks so good!! Very very happy for you. Luna is always adorable.

    My MVT is, oddly, my mini-hacksaw. I can cut anything with it! ANYTHING!

  4. So happy for you!!!!

    Love the 'useless decorative dog' photo.

  5. Your barn looks great!!! I bet the girls are going to love those nice dry stalls.
    What do you plan for the other half of the barn, hay storage? tackroom?

  6. What a GREAT day! Horses IN the barn! Yummy dinner! You've done all this in what I KNOW has been non-stop pouring rain! Looks just wonderful! Butch will be proud!

  7. You have the persistence of a Saint. It's been raining (and snowing?) on your barn, mudding on your barn, freezing on your barn, and voila, it's UP.


    love the pic of Fiddle in the blue.

    Laughed at the permeable goat membrane!

  8. lytha: our metal-building genius guy (Butch Hoge) told us about a double-sided tape that he uses for sticking insulation to metal roofing. Works great.

    evensong: swinging doors. the paddock doors are "permanently open" (unless we have some kind of emergency and need to lock a horse inside) so that the mares can be inside out of the rain or outside in the paddock.

    funder: mini hacksaw, hmmm? I'll bet I could use one of those...

    dom: all pix of luna are pretty. That is her function in life. It's like having a four-legged Barbie doll.

    CG: the next section we will build is the hay storage (currently there is hay in that space, but it's wrapped in tarps to keep the rain off). Last of all is the feed room/tack storage.

    HHomestead: very, VERY proud. And no, the weather didn't help.

    Jane: remember how Mr Chips regarded fences and gates? I suspect he was raised by goats....

  9. double sided tape huh? i tend to trust men in tights. we'll definitely look into that.


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