In which I stall for time by posting somebody else's video

I've got three posts in the works, but I've been so busy (RIDING!  in the SUNSHINE! with my FRIENDS!) that I'm nowhere near ready to publish them.

To keep y'all entertained, I'll give you this:

Clearly, this is not our house, and these are not our shetland sheepdogs. For one thing, these all have hair, and one of ours doesn't yet. For another thing, we may be crazy, but we're not nuts: THREE shelties is plenty. Seven (or is it eight???) is a waaaaaaay too much floof.

Anyhow, enjoy the floofiness, and I'll be back in a day or two with more news from the Farm.


  1. I know exactly what our dogs do when we're not here because I sometimes manage to sneak up on them upon arriving at home. They sleep. Quite soundly. If they yapped like that they would all be murdered by now.

    The most dogs we have ever had in our house is 5 -- 3 of our own and 2 fosters. I find 2 quite nice, a little lonely. 3 is perfect for some reason. 4 is one too many, but I can handle it if temporary. 5 is my absolute limit and only if temporary. 7-8 is beyond my particular pale, especially if yappy. Are your shelties yappy? With the exception of one deaf old foster I have always been able to teach a dog to STFU when asked, but I have never had a sheltie.

  2. I have always had herding dogs, German Shepherds and Shelties. A dog show friend of mine (Elkhounds) says that she could never live with a herding dog - she prefers to be allowed to go into the bathroom alone!
    Cute video - love the title of the blog post.

  3. Aaaaaaamen, DP.

    I hope that woman lives faaaaaar away from any neighbors.

    Max, the cocker spaniel I adopted, used to be an incessant barker. Bark. Bark. BARKBARKBARKBARK. The lady I adopted him from said it annoyed her, the way he always talked.

    It was amazing what telling him "No" did for that trait.

    Unfortunately, he converted his barking into a thin whine that is aaaaaaaaalmost too high pitched/thin to hear. Almost. But unfortunately, not quite. :( And I have never been able to figure out a way to keep a dog from whining, since it's based on an excess of nerves and scolding only makes them more nervous.


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