In which we acquire something we do not need and now she needs a name

When my co-worker, who also volunteers at PAWS, came into the library the other day and told me, "there's an owner-surrendered sheltie at the shelter,"  I knew I was a goner.

I tried to postpone the inevitable.  I figured, if I dawdled long enough, some other lucky person would see that sweet face and take her home. 

 I was, however, honor-bound to call home with the news, and say to my beloved spouse, who already knows this and believes it in his heart:  "Shelties don't belong in shelters."
 By the time I got home from work, he had been on the shelter website, downloaded all their photos of this little sheltie girl, and told me all the details:
 She's about 7 years old.  Was unspayed at the time of owner-surrender (!!!!!!) but they've fixed that now.  Probably has been bred at least once.  Is nearly bald from the collar to the tail, as a result of untreated flea allergy + cheap food.  She's tiny compared to the other shelties, (only a bit bigger than the hens) and will have a mahogony-sable coat when she grows hair again.
 She walks nicely on a leash, but didn't know the command "sit" until about an hour ago.   She was VERY interested to meet the goats, and a little intimidated by the chickens, especially Twelve.
 The cat thinks she's a chew-toy.  He chews on the other shelties with impunity, but this one doesn't have any protective foof yet! 
 She is interested by tennis balls, but her real passion seems to be chasing shadow puppets.
And she needs a name!

All the animals here are named from books, preferably children's literature.  Geeky children's literature is extra-good.  We've spent the evening trying out names from Redwall, Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, and Harry Potter to no avail.

Ideas, anyone?


  1. Now that I have seen the naming rules, I would like to (re)respectfully submit: Faline or Vixie.

  2. Lass - Since she's only a 'lil Lassie
    Bombalurina – A saucy red female from the play CATS or TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats ->
    Jellylorum, Jennyanydots, Rumpleteazer ??

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oops - sorry about the deletion - for some reason the first sentence was missing and I couldn't figure out how to correct it.
    I wanted to say that this is, sadly, the fourth sheltie I've heard of needing a home this month in the Pacific Northwest. Thankfully, all have found homes. Very rare to see them in shelters here - so strange to have four in such a short space of time!
    As for names, what about something from the Narnia Chronicles? Polly (Polly Plummer) comes to mind, but I know there are lots of other female names in that series.

  5. Newdog now has a name! Although we tried to avoid my daughters unfortunate tendancy for "food" names, she responds to Pickles. I will let Aarenex explain the provenance--it comes from a children's book about a fire house. Of course, we'll have see if 'Pickles' sticks and she hasn't responded to any other names yet, so please keep sending suggestions.


    "I don't know whonalls goin' ta answer, buddit ort ter be interestin'."

  6. She is so tiny and so cute! Glad she's got a name - probably. :)

  7. Louisa May Alcott is the epitome of geekdom. :) How about Rose?

  8. I'm sure that she'll adjust to live with you guys quickly! She probably thinks that she's found the "perfect" place! So glad you found her!

  9. She looks like a Winnie to me, although I do like Pickles too! What a sweet face. I'm glad she's with you guys now.


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