In which we celebrate the Gift of Stories with a funny old tale

What His Father Did (Ukraine)
A large fellow went to an inn and demanded a meal.

“No money, no food,” said the innkeeper.

The fellow pounded the table, and stamped his feet and shouted, “If I don’t get something to eat, I’m going to do what my father did!”

The innkeeper got scared, and brought soup, bread and ale for the stranger.

The big fellow ate his fill, and then smiled peacefully and said “Thank you.” 

Seeing that he was calmer after the meal, the curious innkeeper approached the man, and timidly asked, “Sir, please, if you don’t mind telling me, when your father did not get something to eat, what exactly did he do?

“What else could he do?” asked the traveler.  “Why, he went to sleep hungry, of course!”


  1. Aarene--This one made me smile. Thanks for the stories. I look forward to them every morning.


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