In which I'm not a huge fan of Xmas, but I do love silliness!

Having holidays in the middle of winter just seem to me like Bad Planning.

Here's the last thing in the world I like to do in the middle of winter: anything.

Except, perhaps, be a little silly. Therefore, in the interest of silliness, I bring you:
"I tolerate the weird outfits because I know
she's got cookies in those pockets."

"Cookies....remember the cookies..."

The same old "Yes, I did go riding today" photo, with a little twist.

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells"

If there's one this this mare knows how to do,
it's how to pose for the camera.

Shade:  "You SWEAR I get a cookie if I wear this thing on my head?"

Arianna to Shade:  "Dude, I look sparkley.  You look dorky."

Happy XMoose, everybody!

...and to all, a Good Night!


  1. Hahaha, Happy X-Moose to you, too!

    The one thing I enjoy about this holiday season: Informing people that the horse pulling the sleigh in "Jingle Bells" was a Standardbred!

  2. Love the pics (and the begrudging faces, heehee)!

    You say that having Christmas in the middle of winter is bad planning... that is why the southern hemisphere was invented! :D Yay! (We are having an un-seasonally wet summer here so far, though)

  3. I want to skip Christmas entirely, but I'll deal with it if it means updates like this!

  4. Hahahahaha! Love the snowman horsey-hat. I'm not sure my ponies would go for it, though. No cookie in the world is THAT good! ;)

  5. I was just going to say that Fiddle looks more like a moose with those antlers instead of a reindeer, and you said it. lol!
    She really does know how to pose, and actually looks very attractive, moose antlers and all.

    I can imagine that is impossible not to laugh and have a good time when your view from atop your horse is what you shared in your video.

    This is just what I needed today as I'm feeling rather bah humbug right now.


  6. Aarene--I have to tell you, we went riding in a local park with some friends today and they both had the same moose ears hats on their horses that you have on Fiddle. I thought of you immediately. Those we met on the trail got a big kick out of the Xmas cheer. Our horses were sadly undecorated, but since everyone we met was either a jogger or a cyclist, just the fact that we were horseback was exciting enough, I guess. We got a lot of smiles. And hey, a two hour ride in sunshine and 60 degrees, fording creeks and riding through the redwoods on Dec 22nd. What could be nicer? I know all you fellow trail riders will understand.

  7. Now That's: I do the same thing with the "Jingle Bells" song. We are such standie-geeks.

    OneHind: someday I will hit the lotto, and then I will become "bi-summeral." Until then, it's all about the hibernation.

    Dom: silliness is always in season. ya-a-a-a-w-w-w-n.

    Tamera: it's not the QUALITY of the cookie. It's all about the QUANTITY of cookies.

    Laughing O: I have reindeer antlers too, but the moose antlers are so much more appropriate for Fee.

    Laura L: we like to think of ourselves as "attractive and demure." Nobody else is buying that, so far.

    Laura C: 2 hours and 60 DEGREES? Sign me up! Today our temps got almost up to 40. Sigh.

  8. Love the look on Fee's face: *remember the pockets...remember the pockets...*
    I'm tempted to stick a santa hat on Hudson, and see what happens. In the interest of science, of course.

    It is rather shocking that a holiday requiring so much WORK is smack in the middle of our hibernation period.


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