In which buying a prom dress is a horse-related expenditure

I'm not quite sure how the decision was made, but it seems to be quite unanimous now:

The awards banquet at the Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides conference this year will be "prom-dress formal."

Time to go shopping!
I last attended a prom in 1982.

(we'll pause for a reverent moment of silence, as some people do the math on that).

Prom in the 80's was Serious Business. You had your Serious Date. You had your Serious Dress. You had your Serious blah blah blah blah. (I actually had fun at my proms, but I cringe in memory of the dresses!)
This prom-dress event promises to be much Less Serious, if only because the ladies wearing the shiny dresses are endurance riders...

In other words, we are Sturdy. We are Ample. We are Traditionally Built Ladies.
Also, most of us are Significantly Bow-Legged!Off we went, the other day, with our riding friends and our senses of humor, seeking some Fancy Frocks.
" So, the trick is to contain the boobages and flaunt the tattoo?"
This dress was sooooo awful it was fabulous. Um, but it wouldn't zip up all the way. Dang!
But check out Lori's shiny self:
Ewww, maybe not the rabbit-fur sweater thing. But I did manage to snag something green and sparkly. OOOOooooooh, shiny!
Oooh, and bonus: Meagan didn't love this amazing purple dress so I grabbed it. Cuz I'm probably gonna need a shiny dress for next year's convention, too.


  1. LOL. You always look like you're having so much fun. I remember when the kids started showing up at our awards banquets in prom dresses... Very skimp prom dresses. Yecch.

    I will politely not comment on 1982. But ooh, that awful-fabulous dress looks amazing with your pirate socks!

  2. I was just about to ask if there was anything in purple! Looks like the shopping might have been more fun than the banquet will be.
    1982? You're just a spring Minerva Louise!

  3. You guys have ALL THE FUN. I liked the silver gown, very Meryl Streepish.

  4. That really does look like fun. And my senior prom was in 1970.

  5. Yay! How fun!!! :) I am the prom advisor at the high school where I teach, because as much as I love to be in breeches and boots, I do love to dress up!!! LOL! Prom is the only thing I miss about being in high school!

  6. Looks like so much fun!!! Now I want to go try on dresses. Haha.

  7. all I can say is, I'm glad it's not me, oh, and that I really liked the look with those socks. I'm so glad prom and its dresses are far far behind me although you guys made it look like you had great fun shopping. LOL

  8. hey, did you read in equus this month, connie hoge wrote in!


  9. That looks like a BLAST.
    It is so fun to clean up, go to an event, and have people you see every day say "Hi, I'm Marie, I don't think we've met?" Remove the layers of grime, add make up, and I am completely unrecognizable.
    Ah the prom. In the 70's for me. My dress was made out of the recycled pelts of the first plastic grocery bags. I looked like a middle aged Amish woman.

    Which dress did you pick?????

  10. You all look like you are getting ready to party up the town! what fun!

    Not sure if you all subscribe to The Horse on-line, but there is a rescue in your neck of the woods (Chehalis) that looks to be an awesome endurance prospect. If she were anywhere near me, I'd grab her. Her name is Stardust and she's at Phantom Meadow Equine.



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