In which the weather is not terrible, so we ride our trails a lot

Not only has the rain been minimal lately (and the SN*W IS GONE!!!), we've actually had some days of sunnyblue sky.  Really, really blue:
Pretty pony and sunnyblue skies.
After riding with Duana on Friday, the weather stayed nice-ish, so the Usual Suspects hit the trails on Sunday.
Still lots of trees on the roads, but we can mostly jump over them.

Riding with Patty and Skivvies.
And then, the weather was still nice on Monday, (and I had a day off!) so we went out again!
Yep: more photos of my horse's ears

Today the sky was sunnyblue again, so Fiddle and I met up with our friends Michelle and Glenwood Kit. 
Kit is posing, Michelle is taking photos through his ears.
Fiddle doesn't actually like Kit, but Kit is so amiable that he hardly notices.

This isn't the picture where the horse is pooping.

Pretty ears, pretty lake, pretty sky

When we got up the Monument, Kit was so itchy!  Michelle took his saddle off and let him roll.  He rolled and rolled!  And then he stood up and ate some grass.  Then he rolled again...UPHILL!
She took his saddle off first.
Fiddle and I have been working on a lot of her "manners" issues, and we've been making a lot of progress.  She's not perfect yet (not by a LONG WAY) but look at what she was able to do today:

Tomorrow I have to work all day. 

I hope it rains.


Life is good.


  1. Those views take my breath away every time.

  2. Great photos, Aarene. The ones with the ears are the best!

  3. Kit just looks amiable. He's so cute - if Fee is gonna relax her stance on other horses, she will do well to start with him.

  4. Guess the riding in the sun bug has been busy biting us all! Great photos & nice to hear that your Dragon Lady is making progress!


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