In which I am a failure and it probably didn't happen because there are no pix

You know how they say "Pix or it didn't happen."

Well, guess what didn't happen today while we were out riding?

Not my picture. 
I stole this from some website somewhere, and didn't even cite the source.
I'm not only a bad blogger, I'm a bad librarian.
No cookie for me.


Patty and I were riding on one of our usual routes, talking and chatting the way we always do.  When we got to a junction of two logging roads, we split up for a while to do a little solo work with the ponies...

...and not two minutes later, Fiddle and I heard a bunch of crashing around in the brush off to the side of our logging road.

I figured "deer."  We've seen bunches of deer lately, including a deer in our orchard at home, and several deer grazing in Fiddle's pasture a few mornings ago.

Moments later, a bear cub squirted up the trunk of a big ol' fir tree.

Wow!  Cool!  

And dang, my camera isn't working!

Undeterred, Fee and I trotted back to Patty. 

"Look at the BEAR!"  

She admired the bear.

"Gimme your phone and I'll go back and take a picture!"

At this point, Team Sensible stepped in. 

Fiddle might accept my Bad Idea Fairy notions at times, but she was not about to mess around with bears.


So, I don't have a picture of the bear.

I also don't have a really awesome story about meeting that bear's mom.

I know, I know.  As a blogger, I'm a big failure.

I just thought y'all would like to know.


  1. Yikes! I have ran into bears before riding my quad but never riding my horse and hopefully never will. I even bought bear spray just in case. But that would have been a totally cool photo op!! And I don't blame Fiddle for not wanting to get a picture either!

  2. Speaking as one whose friend (on a horse) got between a mama bear and her cub (very exciting story--my friend and his horse almost went off a cliff)), I LIKE your story. Yay for team sensible! It would not have been good to hear that you got in a wreck for the sake of a photo op.

  3. Yikes! I think my horse would have 180'd and shot off like a FA-18 Super Hornet off a Aircraft carrier!

    There was a young bear hit nearby... sadly it suffered for an hr before fish and game(is that what it is called here in WA?) arrived, looked then shot it. There were law enforcement officers there long before, but apparently they were not allowed to end its suffering... I think that needs to change..

    1. Black bears are protected under federal law. That's why the cops couldn't shoot it. Not an ideal situation, but it exists to keep yabbos from shooting bears and then claiming later that it was injured and they were trying to "help".

      Fee didn't seem frightened, and was not inclined to spook...but she had no intention of going BACK into a potentially dangerous situation. Not even for a really cool photo op. Sigh.

  4. Some years ago while doing the Mariposa 50 miler (just on the edge of Yosemite National Park) I saw a young bear amble across the trail RIGHT in front of me. I was riding with two other ladies who were on foot making some sort of tack adjustment. I was parked in the front, we were on single track trail, waiting for them to finish. Out of nowhere, with zero fanfare, a young bear came out of the trees and slowly plodded across the trail. Both my mare and I just watched him go. I turned around and said, "hey! A bear just crossed the trail."

    That was the end of it. It was the least scary bear experience I've ever had (there have been others). It was actually kind of cool - everyone relaxed and enjoying the day, bear included!

  5. A wistful sigh for the lack of photos.

    A scoop of "I believe you", because, well, I believe you.

    A large, large, large cookie for Fiddle and her sensibility.

    And a thwap on the head for even thinking about going back. NO. NOOO. BAD AARENE. BAD! We prefer you in your unmauled state, just in case you were curious.

  6. Oh my. I'm glad there are no bears in Australia - I'll stick with the snakes and spiders thankx.

  7. oh, hooray for Team Sensible! Mom was waiting around the corner to slap some bear sense into you!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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