In which Madeline is leaving for an Adventure and goats are dumb

Madeline and Monkey Jack Paisley Baileyschild are leaving this week for a big adventure:  
Madeline and MJPBc

teaching at a public high school in south Texas!

We are going to miss her like crazy.

Cowboy Jim and his biggest horsegirl

Before she could leave the Swampland, she had to take one last-time-for-a-long-time ride on Ross.

Ross looks pretty good for an "old" horse, doesn't he?

Then they came over to Haiku Farm for dinner and presents.  MJPBc had to choose one toy to take to Texas.  It was a difficult decision

"I can choose boff?"

Just so you know, People of Texas, that weird new noise is the sound of Squeaky Frog.  No need to be alarmed.  

She loves the Squeaky Frog

MJPBc has a vivid imagination.
Somehow, the orchard became a vast savanna

She stalked the elusive-but-hapless warthog for many patient minutes...
Sun beating down on the parched plain

the warthog remained clueless throughout the game.  

There is no truce among fierce animals, not even at the waterhole.

Some folks might say that Luna is dumb, but they wouldn't say that if they met Lupin Goat Gruff.  Here's his latest adventure:

Dumber than your average goat...and that's sayin' somethin'.

He stuck his head through the field fence wire to nibble grass on the other side, and got his head stuck.  Please note that less than 6 feet from the goat is a gate into the pasture, and the gate is standing wide open.

Luna is grateful that God made goats.  Goats make Luna look clever by comparison.

Me, I just take pictures and laugh a lot before I get the goat un-stuck again.  It took two people to un-stick him.  Dumb goat.  I wonder if they have smarter goats in Texas?

I hope not.


  1. I laughed really hard at this post - especially the Luna scene. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Too funny. I loved Luna as the hapless warthog, too.

  3. LOL! Wish Madeline best of luck for me - on her new adventure!

  4. "Luna is grateful that God made goats. Goats make Luna look clever by comparison." - possibly the best line ever.

    I saw floofs at Gold Country! Of course I get tongue-tied whenever I see them, because I immediately start to say "OH LOOK AT THE FLOOFS" and then I remember that's not what ~~normal~~ people call them, Funder, that's what AARENE calls them, use your words - and by that point the regal Sheltie has led its owner right past me and I'd look even weirder if I said anything.

    ANYWAY. I saw Shelties at Gold Country, and the SECOND time I ran into them I managed to get it together and have a nice normal conversation with the Floof Owner.

    1. It *might* be just me that officially calls them floofs. But I'm pretty sure that if you said "Oh, LOOK at the beautiful floofs", the floofateers would know *exactly* the dogs to which you referred.

      Just sayin'. >g<


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