In which it's Lisa's turn for a Fabulous Wilderness Adventure

I am so jealous.

Ready to head out!

 Lisa packed up all her gear last night so she would be ready bright-and-early to depart on her Fabulous Wilderness Adventure.

She couldn't believe that the pack weighs only 31 pounds.
"Less than Luna?"  
Luna claims to weigh 32 pounds, which is a polite fiction.

She is following Will's example, by signing up with Northwest Youth Corps to spend five weeks in the wilderness, building trails and earning money.  Will spent the last two summers at NYC.  I was jealous of him, too.  



Seriously, I would love to do this.  Jim and I are planning to do this kind of work for the National Parks Service after we retire.  Until then, we can only spare the time to deliver a kid.  Sigh.

We always stop at the '59er Diner on the way to the rendezvous spot.  The food is good (milkshakes!!!)

and the decor is hilarious:

My favorite:  "Hormonex Beauty Serum."   

Not plugged in.
It couldn't understand modern television signals anyhow.

After lunch, we went out to the NYC headquarters, and listened to the family orientation. 


 I've already heard this twice before, so I wandered around and took photos.
Cool truck graphic--see the bootprint on the bonnet?

 After orientation, Lisa gave each dog a kiss.

Luna always has a smile for the camera.  Lisa, too.

Then, her dad and her brother helped Lisa shoulder-up her pack...

 ...and off she went.

Have fun, kid!  See you in a few weeks!


  1. That is awesome! Good for her! :-)

  2. What an awesome adventure. I wish I had been breve enough to do something like this when I was younger.


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