In which molting is not a good look, and the book is almost ready

The Minervas Louise haven't looked this bad since they were gawky adolescents.

"zombie chicken"

They are molting.  Each hen has a different "molt pattern":  some lose feathers from the bum forward, others from the wingtips inward.  An individual hen will always follow the same unique path to ugliness.

This year, strong blustery winds have "pre-plucked" the chickens so that some feathers blew out before the new feathers were all the way in (like when kids lose their baby teeth), so there are some rather awful-looking birds in my yard right now.  In another week or two, they will look like chickens again.

In other news, the Endurance 101 book is very close to release.  The publisher and I are busily combing the e-pub version for stray periods and feral formatting.  It's a little distracting when the font suddenly turns purple...or orange...or very the middle of a paragraph, and the last stage before release is getting rid of the anomalies.   Soon, I promise.

And, if you haven't yet read the FREE SNEAK PEEK chapters, you can do that:

Go to the Endurance 101 website.  While you're there, send a note to the publisher so you will get an email notification when the book is available.  Then, click on Sneak Peek, and enjoy!


  1. I could never figure out why chickens molt when the weather turns cold. It would make more sense to molt during warm weather. Some of ours look hideous during the molt.

  2. Glad I've never liked chickens :-) Will tell you the "story" sometime :-) Lets ride soon!


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