In which Monica is sure that I did the "hard part" but she is wrong!

She writes about the process of creating a book...not unlike the process of riding an endurance ride:

The start line is really crazy, and there's so much to keep track of.

Then there's a bunch of steady trucking, just getting the miles done.

Then there's the vet check, where stuff gets evaluated.
When you can see the lights of Ridecamp, you know you've almost arrived.  But not quite.

You keep steady trucking, ticking off those final miles and finally cross the finish line.

And then, there's another vet check where stuff gets evaluated.

Well, we're at that last part now, and YOU, dear readers, are the "vets" who are evaluating our "noble steed," the book Endurance 101.  

Is it looking good?
Is it trotting out nicely?
Does it make you smile?

Leave comments in the box, please!

And, if you haven't gotten your copy yet, it's not too late to get a 20% discount on the e-book.  

Send an email to:
release   AT   Endurance-101    DOT   com
to ask for your discount code.


  1. Hopefully it's making YOU smile! :-)

  2. Aarene- I just started reading my copy, its great!


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