In which there's sad news from an old friend who's far away but in our hearts

Radio silence from a blogger is rarely good news, and I worried when the friend who writes the Horse Crazy American blog hadn't updated in more than a week.
On the trail at Alpine, 1999-ish
The news is sad:  she's lost Baasha.  Please go visit her blog post and leave a note.  The link is HERE.

Myself, I will always remember Baasha on the day that he and lytha and Madeline rode the Ride and Tie at Cascade must be almost ten years ago, because Mads is now a grown-up lady teaching Social Studies in Texas!
Maddy and Baasha, 2002-ish

In some way, although I know that time has passed and circumstances have changed, to me I think that Baasha and Mads will always be the same as they were that day:  ears up, eyes up, eager for the trail ahead.


  1. So sorry to hear this. Having lost beloved old horses before, I know the grief.

  2. Thank you, Aarene, for letting us know. I've been pretty horrible at reading blogs these last few months. I would not have wanted missing the chance to lend my support to a blogger in time of need.

  3. I was worried this would be the news :( This is terrible.

  4. it's wonderful to see a photo of me and baasha (and my sister) that i didn't know existed.

    i googled baasha's name yesterday and found my sister's post to PNER about her first endurance ride on baasha--at alpine. i was overwhelmed - i had completely forgotten, and experiencing an endurance ride through her eyes was wonderful.

    and then i saw another google hit for his AERC records and found out that somehow i completed that awful foothills ride ONCE in three attemps on three horses - and it was baasha.

    to you and jim: thank you

  5. I'm still crying from reading her post. RIP Baasha and heart healing thoughts for Lytha and her husband.


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