Saturday, February 11, 2012

In which "Clipping the Dragon" sounds more exciting than it really is

Katie and Hannah came over this morning to "help" me clip the Dragon so she can stay cooler during our early-spring training rides.  
The Beauty-School Dream Team
If you were reading this blog last year at this time, you will understand why I need help. I am terrible at clipping! If you weren't, HERE is the ugly proof that I did right by staying out of cosmetology school.  Suffice to say, I didn't do much clipping today...and thus, my horse doesn't appear to have been chewed by rats.

I hand over a cookie, and Katie gets right to work.
 We brushed off the most obvious mud

The beauty of having a dark brown horse in the Swamplands is that she doesn't show the dirt.  The downside is that the dirt is still there, it's just harder to find...unril you run clipper blades over it.

As nasty as Fiddle can be with her hindquarters in some circumstances,
when she's being groomed and clipped she stands absolutely still
to allow her "staff" do the necessary work.
 Fiddle is so well-behaved in the cross-ties that Hannah's assistance wasn't needed, so she wandered around the yard with the camera.
Dobbie Goat Gruff, wondering if he's next

Hana, wondering if she is next.  She hates the clippers. 
Fortunately, she's not working hard enough right now to need a clip-job.

Hana's new Facebook portrait
 Hannah thinks Hana is very sweet.  Hana thinks Hannah is very sweet.  Together, they are pretty danged cute.
Hana (left) and Hannah (right)
 Meanwhile, Katie was getting creative with the clippers.  Fiddle's hindquarters are a lovely large canvas, just waiting for artwork to be applied...or in this case, clipped away.
 And what have we here?
 Skull and Crossed-Bones!  We'll add eyes in greasepaint when we get to the Home on the Range ride at the end of March.  Meantime, Fiddle's bum can look cool and enigmatic.
 A good strong wind would be very convenient for blowing all that hair away!  It's breezy today, but I think not quite windy enough to get rid of all this fluff.

Much tidier...and cooler! 
We took off enough fluff so that she can stay cool while we're training, but not so much that she'll get cold out in the pasture.  Fee is not an easy keeper, so I don't want to eliminate ALL of her insulation.  This clip is a nice compromise.  Katie also clipped her tattoo so it's legible again.  Hooray.

Looking good, feeling fine.  Ready for some fun!

Life is good.

Monday, February 6, 2012

In which the weather is not terrible, so we ride our trails a lot

Not only has the rain been minimal lately (and the SN*W IS GONE!!!), we've actually had some days of sunnyblue sky.  Really, really blue:
Pretty pony and sunnyblue skies.
After riding with Duana on Friday, the weather stayed nice-ish, so the Usual Suspects hit the trails on Sunday.
Still lots of trees on the roads, but we can mostly jump over them.

Riding with Patty and Skivvies.
And then, the weather was still nice on Monday, (and I had a day off!) so we went out again!
Yep: more photos of my horse's ears

Today the sky was sunnyblue again, so Fiddle and I met up with our friends Michelle and Glenwood Kit. 
Kit is posing, Michelle is taking photos through his ears.
Fiddle doesn't actually like Kit, but Kit is so amiable that he hardly notices.

This isn't the picture where the horse is pooping.

Pretty ears, pretty lake, pretty sky

When we got up the Monument, Kit was so itchy!  Michelle took his saddle off and let him roll.  He rolled and rolled!  And then he stood up and ate some grass.  Then he rolled again...UPHILL!
She took his saddle off first.
Fiddle and I have been working on a lot of her "manners" issues, and we've been making a lot of progress.  She's not perfect yet (not by a LONG WAY) but look at what she was able to do today:

Tomorrow I have to work all day. 

I hope it rains.


Life is good.