In which Fiddle and I take a friend for a "ride," and we hope it helps

Our friend lytha recently reported spending "hours and hours" on the Haikufarm Youtube channel, watching all those "ears at the bottom" videos I've posted there in the past few years.

Fiddle and I took lytha (and Hana) for a trail ride last summer, but now lytha is back home in Germany, currently horseless, and homesick for our Swampland trails.

We are crossing our fingers (even Fiddle, who lacks fingers) that lytha finds a good horse soon.

In the meantime, Fee and I took some "ears at the bottom" photos just for our friend.

We hope it helps!

The bells you hear in the video are mostly to alert the clueless guys on bikes of our presence.  You would be amazed how many clueless bikers come flying down hills nearly into the Dragon's gullet when we are riding alone without the bells.   Sheesh.


  1. hi aarene. thanks for the mossy salally wet and green today. i think you are encouraging me to blog, which is ironic because i remember asking you to start blogging: ) i just can't right now because everytime i open horse crazy american, i break down. i know it wasn't just His blog, but it feels like it now. i have to start again. i will.

    seeing fiddle's ears today made me remember my dream of riding her. she seemed as well behaved as in my dream.

    every photo of fiddle grazing, every ears video captures moments that shall not be lost.

    thanks for this.

    p.s. home is always seattle. this is an aufenthalt: )

    1. I hope to hear more about your German experiences, Lytha. If HCAinG is too painful, start something fresh. Your readers will find you. I miss hearing about your German experience. Hugs to you.


  2. that's weird, i commented on this. oh well - thanks for this. every photo, every video is and will be precious. i will blog again when i have a horse to blog about.


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