In which a dental appointment is a Piratical Occasion

Fiddle and Hana know the drill...uh, literally.

"Auntie Sarah!" says Fee. Fiddle never remembers why she enjoys spending time with Auntie Sarah. The sedative probably has a lot to do with that.

It is one of my life's delights to take photos of my Gigantor when she is under the influence.

Open your mouth and say "flabbita flabbita flabbita."

Auntie Sarah is known professionally as "Dr. Sarah Metcalf, DVM." She is an equine dentist whose horse trailer is a rolling dental office, which she pulls around the Pacific Northwest, delivering pretty horsey smiles.

Hana's "party girl" metabolism resists sedation. She requires significantly more than Fiddle!
Finally: "I'm not as THINK as you DRUNK I am, Doc."A little dental floss to finish the process, Pretty Puss.
Fiddle needs to walk it off. We sing as we walk: "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?"

And while we're at it, we recruit another Pirate to the crew:
Welcome, Pirate Auntie Sarah!
(we've got to find her a more piratical-sounding name, don't we?)


  1. LOL! This post toally made my day. Thanks for the smiles.

    Oh and if you're looking for a good piratey name, I can't help you there, but maybe Auntie Sarah could join The Official Dental Pirate Union?

    They even have piratey dentist shirts, too!

    And if the horses get bored waiting to be seen by the dentist, there is something that Auntie Sarah might want to have built for her practice, her own Pirate Dentist Playground!

    Who'd a thunk?



  2. Those links don't seem to be showing up. But if you do a google search for Pirate Dentists...whoee! A whole ship full of piratey stuff comes poppin' up.


  3. Scabrous Cap'n Sarah? Scalliwag Sal?

  4. "Party Girl" metabolism had me rolling.
    I vote for Scaliwag Sal! I feel an urgent need to watch an Arrol Flynn movie...

  5. I always feel for the horses when it's dentist time. Maybe that's because I'm not crazy about the dentist myself.

    I thought I recognized that face. It is a small world. Now if I could just remember WHERE it was that I met her. LOL


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