In which I go to Texas for a library thing and find horses

I'm not in Texas for a "horse thing."

Totally Sexy Librarians:  Mary Jo Heller (left) and Aarene Storms (right)

I'm here in Texas as part of the Texas Library Association's annual conference--they brought my colleague and me down here to Fort Worth to lead a session of Sex in the Library.

(If you don't know about SITL, check the blog site HERE.  The SITL book is in the final stages before the publisher actually hits the "print" button...but it can be pre-ordered on Amazon HERE.)

Seeing this guy ride through Fort Worth reminded me of the time
lytha rode Baasha in downtown Seattle.

A few days ago, after 48 hours away from my Dragon, I was getting desperate for an infusion of horse spit.  You know how that goes, right?

So when I saw this fellow on a grey Arab gelding strolling down the road, I ran out and asked to pet the good creature.

This kind fellow (are all Texans incredibly kind?  In my experience: yes!) told me, "Well, the liv'ry is just down here.  Y'all follow me, I'll show you."

And he turned down an alley, led me past a horse trailer rig, and into:

The livery.

In the city.

Clydesdale spit.  Yay!

It's nearly midnight here in Texas, and I still have more conference sessions to attend in the morning, so I'll leave you tonight with these photos, and a little teaser:

We have spit too, ya know!

I got to see other Texas horses, too!

It's good, y'all.  It's real good.


  1. "...after 48 hours away from my Dragon, I was getting desperate for an infusion of horse spit. You know how that goes, right?"

    It's like listening to a woman who wears a size 2 complain about her enormous thighs.

    On the other hand, you are very generous with your horse spit and continually share with the less fortunate, so I will dig deep in my horseless heart and find the strength not to roll my eyes at you :)

  2. @becky - no kidding. i just needed to TOUCH a horse so badly recently. a donkey is a walking braying carpet, not even close.


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