In which a package makes me happy (much purpleness inside the box!)

The day had not been very delightful...until Jim walked in the house with a package under his arm.
*ding*   You've Got Mail!
 A box full of purple, hooray!  I raced down to the pasture and grabbed Adobe Mare.

Jim is patient about adjusting conway buckles.
I scraped the mud off of Her Draconic Majesty, and Jim helped me fit the New!  Purple!  Bridle!

Then, we scampered up to the Pretty Tree so he could take some photos of Fiddle wearing her beautiful new gear.
Sidepull, with bit-hangers

She looks very noble, doesn't she?   

With the bit attached.  The bridle was made-to-measure, and fits perfectly.

...and check out the BROWBAND!  

Sherry called when they were building the bridle to ask
if the bling should be sparkley and girley,  or shiny and tough.
The Dragon voted for "tough."

Are you totally jealous?  You don't need to be jealous!

You can order stuff for yourself from the nicest little tack company in the world:

American Trail Gear ROCKS!

Call them!  Or email them!

They don't have a shopping cart on the website, because every biothane piece is custom-made to your specifications--color, size, accessories--and they want to talk to you to make sure it gets made right.

Want something unusual?  They love that!

Want something elegant and sophisticated?  They can do that, too!

Want stuff that wasn't made in China by underpaid children?  All ATG Biothane is made in the USA, and assembled by Diana and Sherry (both grownups, with horses of their own).

Want gear that comes with a guarantee?  ATG assures customers that you will never have to pay labor for repairs or adjustments to your gear, ever.  It's guaranteed for life.

Do I sound enthusiastic about this company, and about my new bridle?  Well, I am.

And most important of all:
"This bridle doesn't make my nose look big!"

The Dragon approves of it, too!


  1. That's very purple! Glad you like it :)

    1. It's VERY purple, and I *love* it. Fee's bridle was the only part of her gear that wasn't outrageously purple...and now we've fixed that.


      She does have a very tasteful black "stealth" bridle...urrr, it's here someplace...haven't actually seen it in a few years...can't remember the last time I needed to dress my horse tastefully...

    2. Nice!!! Someday I'm going to have a custom bridle made for Cartman- if I can ever settle on just the 'right' color:)

  2. is it a hemlock tree? pretty. i love the stainless hardware, but my dream bridle has no conways at all: ) she looks gorgeous in it. my black zilco is fraying finally in important areas.

  3. That is hands down the most badass browband ever. Love it and will definitely be checking out that company!

  4. LOVE that browband! LOL! She looks gorgeous in all that purpleness :-)

  5. Fiddle looks amazing as a purple pirate- I love it!


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