In which the weather doesn't cooperate, but I ride anyhow

The Ususal Suspects had truck trouble 
(so did I, but not until AFTER the ride)
so Fiddle and I were solo on the the rain...

sleet pellets in her mane.

...and the hail...

...and the

Evil white stuff on the ground beside the trail!

And the
Lookit the blue sky!


I didn't mind the weather.  Besides, I had a new purple raincoat to test!

Recent phone conversation:
Mom:  What will you buy with the birthday money I sent?
Me: This this really cool purple raincoat I could use for riding...
Mom: Do you need a purple raincoat for riding?
Me: No.  Not at all.
Mom: That will be perfect, then!
We talked to lots of people (and dogs).

Fiddle doesn't like dogs.  But I do.
 And we cussed at the blackberry brambles, pre-emptively.

It's never too soon to say bad words at blackberry brambles.
And we enjoyed the sunshine.

Blue sky!  Blue sky!  Blue sky!

Really enjoyed the sunshine.

Blue sky and lots of trees starting to bud.

Back at the trailer, the clouds move in, but we don't care.

Buff mare...with dust bunnies on her tummy!

Life is good!


  1. Purple raincoat requires a link and/or further identification, please!

  2. Let me guess, purple is your favorite color? :)

  3. Here's the link to the raincoat: I (or rather, my mom) didn't pay nearly that much, of course. It was a Tack-of-the-Day special for quite a lot less.

    And actually, MY favorite color is green. My first horse's best color was purple, and when she died, the tradition of purple was much too strong to break. Besides, the Dragon looks really nice in purple!

  4. your fave color is green? get out! i would have lost that bet.

    does the purple coat cover your butt? butt coverage is vital!

    p.s. - SUNDAY!! *freaks out* - you heard it here first.

    1. SUNDAY????!!!! Squeeeeeeee!

      A million photos and video and MY FINGERS ARE SO CROSSED!!!


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