Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In which we reveal the things ladies say while trying on prom dresses

"Trust me.  This will go over your bum and your boobs...
...I'm pretty sure."

"I'll push in and you pull up."

"I feel like my choo choo hoo hoo can't breathe."

"Too much like a demented fairy?"

"This will fit if you just stop breathing."

"Yes to the shoes, no to the socks."

"Are we amused?  We think not."

"Needs more fluff and and less tuck."

"Take the picture quick before they let go and my girlz fall out!"

"I could hold your girlz in place for you.*"

*Jim is not actually a lady, but he helped us shop for dresses

"Give us enough duct tape and support garments to floof up and squish in. We can make any dress fit anybody."

Other things we say:

"I've lost my pants again."
"I think I'm wearing your pants."
"You'd know if you were wearing my pants.  Your ankles would be cold."

"This color blue makes my boobs bigger."

"What do you think?  Glow sticks or wings with this outfit?"

See y'all at the 2013 PNER Convention in Portland!

(confused about the need for prom dresses?  See THIS POST from January 2012)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

In which the worst Easter Egg in the basket takes a riding lesson

We can't help clashing.

Bad Idea Fairy Fashion Designs, Inc.

Hana was already halfway tacked up with her old green gear when I discovered that her green-and-white bridle had gone home to Duana's to get run through the dishwasher.  Which left me with the perfectly functional PINK AND ORANGE headstall.  And a green saddle pad.  And a rider bundled in a billion layers of purple and black polarfleece.

It was not pretty.   But we took a lesson anyhow.  Once Dory's eyes adjusted to the color glare, we got down to work.

Hana's entire spine bends to the left, no matter which way we are moving

Hana does NOT like to bend to the right.  She's always been inclined this way, but we know that a chiro visit is needed now.  With Duana's lessons, they mostly concentrate on improving the rider.  When I ride Hana, it's okay to work on the horse a bit, especially at the trot.  You cannot make me tired at the trot in an arena.

Strong inner leg cue, supportive inner hand cue, horse resisting like crazy

I had to really work to get her even to move straight-forward.  With all the leg and hand support in the photo above, note that she is still bent to the outside.

A different type of resistance, equally un-good.

She tried to get me to choose:  if I want her to bend in a "C" shape, she will need to hollow out her back and take teeny steps.     

Not acceptable.  

We kept working, moving back and forth between her "easy" direction

See how nicely she bends this direction?  

and the "hard way."  Finally, I was able to get her to move with rear-end impulsion and a good round back, without being hideously counter-bent.  As I said before, chiro is definitely on the menu for Hana.

Still lots of support, but she's actually able to DO IT now.  Hard work for both of us!

When she did it, we stopped.  Then, we worked a bit on MY problem area:

Canter = what I do worst.

I realize that Hana has gone back to her bad form in the photo above, but at least I'm not curled up in the saddle like a pillbug.  I can see about two dozen things in that picture that I need to fix, but my back is straight, my bum is in the saddle, and I'm looking up.

Progress <-- I'll take it.

After the lesson, as a reward for everyone:

A teeny tiny little trail ride under chilly but blue skies.  

Life. Is. Good.