In which I muse a bit, and there's sunshine and some ponies and some trails

I saw this on Facebook the other day.

Facebook:  not my usual source of wisdom

I'm not one who usually re-posts gushy stuff like "SHARE THIS PHOTO IF YOU HAVE THE BEST SISTER-IN-LAW EVER."  But that thing made me smile, and think of the Usual Suspects, with whom I do stuff.

Patty and Sirie and a good day on the trails for the Usual Suspects.

Of course, any day on a pony is better than any day NOT on a pony, but there are some folks who make the miles seem short.  I'm pretty fond of those folks.

We don't add new Suspects very often.  After all, the group ain't broken, and it don't need fixin'.  But sometimes there are friends, new and old, that seem like they'd fit right in as if they'd been Usual Suspects for years.

Rosemary is getting the hang of "selfie" photos.

Rosemary and Griffin are starting to join us on the trail now.  Rosemary and I have been friends for years, but we haven't ridden together until recently.  And then when we DID ride together, we decided that we needed to do it more!

Then, just as my ability to include people was beginning to stretch and make crackling noises, I met Samantha.

Say hi to Sam, everyone!

Sam and Katy needed help getting a Specialized Saddle to fit, and I had the day off, and the weather was nice, so what the heck, right?

We met up at the trail head, tweaked her new saddle a bit, and went for a ride.

Fiddle:  Another horse that I don't hate.
Huh.  Okay.  Fair enough.

And had fun.

Imagine that.

I'm hoping Sam joins up with the Suspects as well.

She has just the kind of laugh we like to include on our training rides.

And that, my friends, is Good.


  1. Interesting how friends come into our lives sometimes... This post resonates a bit, as this past year I've been welcomed into a group of usual suspects" and they remarked that I fit in like I'd been there for years. :-)

  2. OK, this probably seems a bit random, but do you remember the post you did that included a short video of you riding Fiddle at the trot and then letting her stop to eat grass and then trotting on? I think it was last spring or summer, but after scrolling through your old posts, I can't find it. I loved that video so much when I saw it because it helped me visualize what you were saying in your book about letting the horse stop to eat periodically. I'm trying to get a collection going of all the blog posts that have been helpful to me, and this one has to be on the list! If you happen to remember when you posted it, that would be awesome:) Thanks!

    1. I dug around and found it!

  3. Too funny about your meeting Samantha! She lives where some of my "old" trails used to be - I can ride overland to her place. When I saw her on Sat., she mentioned your help with her new saddle!


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