In which we celebrate the Antler Humiliation Festival

What have we here?

Roo guards the rig...and the headgear

Why, these look like necessary tools for the Antler Humiliation Festival!

Santa and Laura and Classy take directions from the artistic director

With a week of rest under his big black belt, Santa Jim was ready for one last event to finish off his Season. 

Veteran readers will recognize the location...
and Monica's peculiar relationship with gravity

So, he and Monica joined forces to make one more event.

Folks brought their horses,

Horus and Dean join Santa, Whiskey (the horse, not the beverage) and Katie

Flower needed only a little convincing to snuggle up to the guy in the red suit

and dogs
Our neighbors Steve and Kathy and their pack o' pups

and some people even brought other people.

Patty's brother+spouse, her parents, and her beloved (and often invisible) husband
showed up for pictures...and of course, Rudy and Connor joined in!
Of course, there was an audience.

Behind the tripod, this group of onlookers stared at our weird activities, while
Jesse continues his unending quest to eradicate rats from the surface of the earth.

My job was "people wrangler, pooch positioner, and pony pointer,"  which mostly meant that I hopped around behind Monica, throwing a white garbage bag around and dancing and waiving to make animals perk up and make people smile.

Jim said it looked kind of like this: 

Isn't he adorable?
I'm probably not this cute doing the same manuever.

Most of the horses took a few "liberty laps" around the outdoor arena after their official photo shoots.

Fee showed off her moves, and then made some moves on Santa,
whom she calls "Food-Guy."

Monica showed us a few teaser shots on the camera, but we are all waiting patiently for her to upload everything so we can share.


We are waiting patiently.

Why are you laughing?  I'm patient.

I'm very patient.

Extremely patient.

That's what I am.  Patient.  Patiently waiting.

You are still laughing.  What's up with that?


  1. What a neat idea for handy to have an excellent Santa, an amazing photographer and the best "people wrangler, pooch positioner, and pony pointer"! I bet the pics are great. I could have sent you some of our snow to make the pics more wintery - all you had to do was ask!!! :-)

  2. Looks like even Santa had a Good time! Love your audience :-)


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