In which we celebrate Santa and Sunshine and DRAGONOSITY!

After a month (it seemed like more) of dismal rain, 
Photos with Santa Day dawned with fog followed by sunshine!

Beautiful light over my family

And after we got all dressed up in antlers and stuff, it was time to goof around a bit.  Monica held on tightly to her camera and kept on shooting.

Fiddle saw Hana showing off in the arena,


and then it was Flower's turn.

"She's clean!  Take a picture!"

Finally!  Fiddle time!

"Let Loose the DRAGON!"
No, cantering isn't her best thing.
But it's still impressive.

She was determined to show those domesticated horses

That tail-flagging thing?  She can do that.

how a DRAGON

But of course, the Dragon's glory is in her SUPERTROT
(aka the Big Thang)

moves out at speed.

We got her to stop and pose for a conformation shot.   Remember how, in an earlier post, I said that when she's standing still, her bum is higher than her withers?  

"I'm not tired.  I'm posing."

Here at last is photo proof:  When she moves

Firebreathing is NOT optional.

the booster rockets in her butt push her front end skyward.  

NOW, conformation experts:  we have some decent pictures.  Please evaluate the Dragon!

Extra points for inclusion of the following words

Smoke. Fire. Danger. Caution. Explosion. Bonecrushing.

And, of course: Beautiful.

Want to see the rest of Monica's Santa and horse photos?
HERE is the link.

You already know they're gonna be good.


  1. Wow. Gorgeous. Dragony perfection. And completely designed to move. I'd bet on her over creepy Smaug any day...

  2. thanks for those links to photos of fiddle being gorgeous, and hana too, wearing black: ) duana and hana together: )

    probably you should let the standie people use this post as an advertising campaign. fiddle transcends...

    when you asked, i thought we need deb bennett here, who can judge types vs purposes. they did that in an equus series recently, i wish i could quote it here in fiddle's eval.

    oh, and i love a clean sparkling flower. my goodness she's photogenic. and i am loving her sturdy legs.


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