In which terrific plans are made and then crumpled up and thrown away

I had such fabulous plans for my 50th year.

I planned to ride Tevis.

I planned to build a "fort" in the backyard.

I planned to write a few more books.

But (as I explained in my last post) I'm grade 4 lame because of degenerative osteoarthritis, and it's REALLY slowing me down.

I had a cortisone injection last Friday that is slowly taking down the inflammation in my left hip, and I'm now under strict instructions to take it easy this week and not aggravate the joint.  Yeah, 'cuz me holding still is a thing?  Fortunately, I'm prepping for a work presentation on Saturday that doesn't require a lot of leaping around.

And finally, I'm at the point where I can discuss surgery without crying...which means it's time to discuss surgery.

I have a consultation with a surgeon scheduled for February 27th, and hope to get a second opinion consultation scheduled soon.  Surgery dates are usually booked 4 to 6 weeks out, but I might be able to "fly standby" (if another patient cancels, I might be able to take an earlier slot on the calendar).  My employers are helping with this.

So, as I understand it, surgery might happen anytime between March 1st (if I totally hit the "standby lottery") and the middle of May, depending on the surgeon's schedule.  

It's entirely possible, in fact, that I will be in the hospital on my 50th birthday. (April 10th, for those who need to know.  Yes.  I'm an Aries.  Quelle surprise.)

I must be ambulatory on April 4th, because I'll be leading an Endurance 101 clinic at Home on the Range in Washtucna.   I WILL BE THERE, even if I'm on crutches!  If the surgery hasn't happened yet and the cortisone is doing what cortisone is supposed to do, I might even ride.

I also need to be ambulatory in late June, for the annual trail-working vacation at Renegade Rendezvous.

Do you see the pattern of arranging my life around endurance rides managed by Gail Williams?  This is not a coincidence! 

With luck and a lot of physical therapy, I may be back riding 50-milers (dare I hope for multidays?) by the end of the season.

And besides:  everyone knows that you can't be a Pirate with all of your parts!


  1. Good Grief! Here I was going to hit you up for our "annual" ride together!

  2. Aarene, you will ride Tevis, you will build that fort, you will write more books. Just not this year. (Well, I'll bet you could write the books and help with the fort this year...) I can relate to your fear of surgery, BTDT. I had major abdominal surgery last spring that has caused some big changes in my life. Yet it goes on. You will heal. And I will look forward to reading of your joy when you cross the finish line on your first ride back. BTW, your birthday is the day before mine. :) I will be thinking about you. Wishing you all the best.


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