In which we have time to think before busting a bottle on the prow

My new jog cart is in dry-dock this week, 
getting the barnacles scrubbed off and all the unsound bits repaired.

The prefix for whatever name we choose will be "MV" because the cart will
be powered by a powerful, one-horse engine!

Which gives us time to think up some good, piratical names for it.

I prefer names that are wicked sounding, with just a bit of pun.

Here's my working list:

MV Hyperbole       * there are not many "hip" puns, alas
MV Hippolyta    
MV Idiosyncratic
MV Illiterate
MV Impaired
MV Inarticulate      *a double pun, for a storyteller with a bad hip?
MV Inconceivable  *but do we know what this word means?
MV Inexpensive
MV Inflammable  *my favorite so far

MV Unavoidable
MV Unbreakable
MV Unhinged        *a nice reference to a certain ball-and-socket joint, yes?
MV Unmentionable
MV Unmistakable

The Lady Washington, aka the HMS Interceptor

Please add your opinions and suggestions in the comment box below!


  1. "that's retract plank, not remove plank!"

  2. Love MV Inflammable too, very important around Dragons! Though what about MV Incendiary...
    MV Infamy
    MV Imperative
    MV Incorrigible
    MV Inimitable?

  3. Oooh, I like Inarticulate! Although this whole list is awesome. Definitely enlisting you when we finally get a new truck and it needs naming!

  4. We know I'm terrible at this. We also know I can't resist giving it a shot!
    MV Just Call Me Ishmael
    MV Peculiar Pequod
    MV Dragon's Royal Fortune (famous pirate ship, if I recall?)
    MV Wheels of Fortune

    Got it out of my system.

    I'm liking MV Imflammable. Goes nicely with being owned by a dragon.


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