In which we learn stuff, and Fiddle overcomes fear issues (with COOKIES!)

We had our second ground-driving lesson today.

I think my horse looks dang good in all that gear

As before, Fiddle clearly knows more than me--but I'm figuring it out!  She's very patient with me.

Still "pushing the pram" but now she's stretching out a bit more,
letting me figure out how the process works.

After some arena work, we went outside to try some obstacles.

Not worried about the puddle or the dog.  Excellent.

Obstacles = No Big Deal.  So, we moved on to the next stage:

Delusions of Ben Hur?

This isn't my jog-cart--that's still in dry-dock for repairs.  This is a cute little chariot made from a steel drum.  Duana not only takes great photos, she also makes a splendid steed!

Chariot = NBD.
Duana being silly = what else is new?
Fiddle was still all No Big Deal when the chariot was pulled (by Duana) behind her, and then trundled along beside her.

Just another wheelbarrow, amiright?


This picture was taken just before she got scared.

When the metal shaft clanked on her harness quick-hitch, she humped her back like an orca, her eyes rimmed white, and she clearly wanted to kick out.


She was afraid.  (We still don't know why).  She was VERY afraid.

But she didn't kick. 

We even convinced her, with kind words and lots and lots of cookies, that she didn't need to step away from the scary clanking thing.

She could, in fact, stand still and let it touch her.  And that doing so would bring praise and petting and (most importantly) more cookies.

This is enormous, y'all.

Fiddle has always, ALWAYS, defended her space--with her feet, with her teeth, with any weapons she can find, and she doesn't shoot warning shots with those rear cannons, either.

But today, she listened to us.

And she trusted us.


She survived the clanking shaft touching her harness and her back and flanks.  Then, we backed off and walked her around the property a bit more, before heading back to the trailer for a HUGE handful of carrots.

Because she was Just. That. Good.

It's taken seven years to reach this point with her.

Totally. Worth. It.

Life is Good.  And so is my Dragon!


  1. That's great, it's good to see Fiddle is more trusting nowadays! I can't wait to see how you guys do with the cart. :D

  2. Good dragon! And wonderful, patient, careful, carrot stuffing, cookie weilding dragon rider!
    FYI I totally need the Ben Hur, steel drum chariot. I'd fall right off the back, Hudson would kick it to bits, but inexplicably, I NEED one. Because it's just So. Cool.

  3. Well done, both of you!! Can you get a copy of her race record? That might give you a few hints about what when on in her other life. Trainers, drivers, tracks, how many races, how often, etc. Just a thought.

  4. KICKASS. Go Fiddle! What a GOOD girl!

  5. Oh my god, what a GOOD, GOOD girl! Massive congratulations - I know, kinda, what a huge deal this is for you both! I'm so happy for you!!

    (And just so you know, the people who didn't race in sulkies raced in oil-can looking things just like that at the NEDA rides. And I still want to try it one day!)


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