In which Pickles Marie takes me for a walk in the sunshine--hooray!

We're starting to "hunker down" into our winter mode now.
Pickles Marie on the trail
Although the skies were perfectly blue this morning, the temps were near freezing when the farrier showed up and it took me almost an hour to warm up properly after going back into the house.

So, I went out for lunch with a bunch of Fish, and then
Camo-Pickles, the same color as autumn leaves (she's in the center of the picture)
Pickles took me for a walk.

We've been on this trail before. 

We walked it in August while the truck was in the shop. 

Obviously, there have been some changes.  
Pickles looks for ravens

For one thing, all those pretty leaves that are on the ground now were still stuck to tree branches the last time we walked here. 

For another thing, those blackberry brambles on the ground reaching towards my dog's feet were about 2 feet further away from the center of the trail in August.  This is their "sneaking up" season.  If this trail isn't maintained in the next few months, the brambles will be impassible by March.
Still looking for ravens. 
I'm not sure if she likes them or hates them, I only know that she's always watching for them.

The biggest changes, however, are visible in Pickles herself.  

She wants me to throw a stick.

This picture (below) was taken on that other walk in August:
Pickles Marie after 14 days at Haiku Farm

 Here (below) is the picture I  took today: 
Pickles Marie, HF + 75 days

If I could possible communicate with the people who dropped her at the shelter a few months ago, scrawny, un-spayed, full of worms, covered in fleas, bald and scabby from an untreated flea allergy, what could I say to them?

I've thought of a bunch of mean things I'd like to say. 

But today was sunny.  This little dog is happy, and healthy, and gaining fur and muscle every day. 
Blue sky and fluffy dog = happiness
Today, I'd like to say to those people:

This dog is happy now.
I'm so happy that she's happy with us at Haiku Farm.

(You know the next line, don't you?)

Yep.  It's good.


  1. The difference in coat AND body language is just beautiful. Makes me smile :)

  2. What a beautiful change! I especially like the photo of "wants me to throw a stick" :). What a pretty, happy girl.


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