In which I review the entire ride season in one blog post (with pix!)

It seemed like a long ride season.

10 rides.  515 miles of trails.
4532 miles in the horse trailer to get to- and from- competitions 
(not counting training rides and lessons)

But it went by so quickly!

Some of the 2015 ride cards, slightly worse for miles

We had rain,

April Daze ride at Riverside Park,(75 miles)
photo by Monica Bretherton

and sun,

Mount Adams ride, (55 miles) photo by Jessica Anderson

and dust,

Start line of the Klickitat Trek ride, photo by Brenda Casebeer

Klickitat Trek day 1 (50 miles)
photo by Cassidy Rae

Finish line: Klickitat Trek day 2 (25 miles)
photo by Monica Bretherton

and heat.

Renegade Rendezvous day 1 (25 miles)
photo by Monica Bretherton

We explored trails in the mountains,

Finish line, Renegade Rendezvous day 2 (50 miles)
photo by Monica Bretherton

in the Swamps,

Bare Bones ride (50 miles)
photo by Cassidy Rae

and in high desert.

Oregon 100 ride (50 miles)
photo by Laura Spear

I actually own more than two purple t-shirts, but you'd hardly know it from the ride photos.

Milwaukee Road Rail Trail ride (80 miles)
photo by Cassidy Rae

Throughout the year, Fiddle just got better, and stronger.

The Haunting ride (55 miles)
photo by Ashley Chatton
I'm walking with a cane once again, and my second hip replacement surgery is scheduled for two weeks hence.

I'm about as ready for surgery as I'm going to get.  Most importantly, I'm ready to throw away that cane forever.

After all, the 2016 ride season is coming soon!


  1. I pick Bare Bones. And Mt Adams. And Renegade. (See a theme?) I don't like any yellow flower, but I especially dislike fake ones like in that April photo. Don't throw the cane away if it's a shapeshifting one! J's opa walks with a cane and whacks people on the shins if they say something he disapproves of.

    1. you know the yellow flowers aren't really fake, right? They are balsemroot, and they grow all over Riverside Park!

    2. Why do they have to look so fake!

    3. Don't know, but the are real and at least marginally edible (for people)

  2. Quite a season! Best of luck with your surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and hoping to see you back on trail and cane-free ASAP!

  3. Congrats on quite a year! Renegade is my favorite photo, but I totally cracked up at your comment about owning more than 2 purple shirts! You'd think the same of me, only orange. Good luck with the surgery, may your second one be as successful as your first!

  4. Awesome! My grandmother had double hip replacements done years ago and went straight back to riding. Her only regret was not doing them sooner.

    I did an 8 mile hunter pace yesterday, the longest I've ever done, and I was super impressed with myself. Now after reading this and thinking about how I've been complaining about my sore muscles all day, I feel like a weenie. :D Go, you!


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