In which we Moil again, and Foxie and Roo provide entertainment

The weather was perfect for moiling for chanterelles.

Angus, Rosemary, Roo, Foxie and Patty: mushroom hunters all

Not too warm, not too cold, not pouring rain....


...and not a weekend.  Weekends, the woods are full of tourists hunting for our mushrooms. 

Walking with a stick in the woods is enough of a challenge
for me, so the floofs have to walk each other.

Moiling is also a splendid opportunity to train dogs.  We teach them all kinds of useful stuff.

Patty's young dog Angus learns needful patience

And then, of course, there's the romping.  And the rowrling.  And the zooms!

Foxie and Roo zoom around until they can barely walk. Then, they wallow
in a puddle for a minute, and go back to zooming again.

When we get home, everybody is tired.  And look:



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