In which the trail is longer than we thought, but we finished it (sneak peek)

I knew that signing up for a 75 mile ride was a little crazy,
give the rapid deterioration of my remaining organic hip.

I'm glad we didn't know that it was actually an 80 mile trail


until we were about halfway into it.

By then, one of the leading riders had gotten a good GPS track of the trail, and done the math.

So, the finishers will get credit for an 80 mile ride.  I'm glad I didn't know in advance.

11pm finish line fashion divas

 Fiddle was strong and awesome all day.  She took excellent care of me.  And I'm still walking (still walking badly, but that's not a change) today.

More details coming soon.  First, I gotta sleep some more!


  1. You are an amazing, inspiring, and most definitely crazy woman! Congrats on finishing the ride:)


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