In which a friend looks so dang good that I don't even recognize her!

For reasons unrelated to farm life, I spent a few days in Victoria, BC recently.(If you want to see more about my business there, check out my other blog.)

A certain part of my trip DOES belong on the farm blog, however.

While on the Island, I met up with this very nice lady:
Say "hi" to Jacqui, everybody.

Although Jacqui has never (yet) visited Haiku Farm, she is still a vital contributer to an important facet of our life here. Why?

Well, let me tell you.

In late 2006, my beloved mare Story had to be put down. It was a very difficult time for all of us. You can read about it here (have a hanky ready).

Less than a week later, I got a phone call from Greener Pastures, a standardbred adoption organization just across the US/Canadian border.

We heard about Story, they said. You made the right decision, you were brave, blah blah blah.

We can't help noticing that you've got an empty stall now.

GP was frantically seeking a place to put a big standie mare who had been adopted earlier in the year by a nice lady on Vancouver Island. The lady had been diagnosed with a nasty brain cancer and her prognosis was pretty grim. She needed to return the mare to the rescue.

Only, it was December.

GP didn't have any empty stalls. Their pastures were full. Their friends' pastures were full.

And then they heard about me.

Just take her for the winter, they said. You can bring her back in Spring if you don't like her.

You can see where this is leading, can't you?

Fiddle, December 2006.

More than 3 years later, I still haven't taken the mare back. And when I finally made it out to Vancouver Island on business, Jacqui picked me up at my fancy hotel and showed me around.We went to Buchart Gardens. We saw acres and acres of beautiful flowers and trees. What a treat (especially after spending the day in conference workshops)!
I wish I could give Jacqui a million, billion beautiful flowers to thank her for giving this big mare to me.Her prognosis now is much better. She looked so great that I didn't even recognize her!

She's been out of the hospital and clear for 5 months. The doctors are even using the word



(But if you don't mind adding one more name to your prayer chains, I'm sure she wouldn't mind).

Thanks for the tour and for dinner, Jacqui. And most of all, thanks for my horse. When you come visit me, you can ride Fiddle instead of this little brass fellow!
Life. Is. Good.


  1. so that's jacqui! i'm so glad she's feeling better!

    and i do love buchart gardens so, esp. the fountains.


  2. I never made it to the other post...teary already! Hugs to your friend Jacqui :)


  3. That's a very cool connection, and so glad she's doing better now - she should come visit Fiddle for sure.

  4. What a beautiful place, and what a cool way to meet a friend!

    It looks like your STB rescue is actually - not that I'm looking or anything...

  5. Thanks for checking the link, Funder, I've fixed it now. Not that you're looking, I understand, but if anybody IS looking, *I* like the look of these horses:

    TED: 15.1hh gelding, pacey (will gait!) "very forward". Can somebody say "ENDURANCE PROSPECT"!?!

    DON'T NAG ME: 12 years old, 14.3hh, been there, done that. If I needed another horse, I'd take a look at this one. Terrific name, too.

    VEE CEE SNUGGLES: 15.3hh (still growing), 6 years old, young brain. This mare will keep growing, I promise--her butt will not always be that much lower than her withers!!!


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