In which Hallowe'en is an excellent time for silliness with pets

"It's not raining.  Let's go riding!"

"Is that a spider on your head or are you just happy to see me?" 

The costume party for the people was last night.  

I wore my purple dragon costume, a gift from Duana and Patty.  No photos have surfaced yet...but I'll wear it to work tomorrow, and there will probably be some snaps.

Hana-Devil Horse.  Not exactly typecasting

This morning, the sun was shining, and I still had the box of costumes open and spread out on my closet floor.


Arianna-Pink Bunny.  She was tremendously patient with the ears flopping everywhere
and banging on her during the ride.  Many cookies were awarded!

"Dog costumes" only need a little tweaking (and sometimes some duct tape) to fit onto horse heads.

And back at home:

Luna. Just. Cannot. Stay. Upright. with the owl on her head

Some dogs are more enthusiastic about costumes than others.

Roo-Devil dog.  Again: not typecasting

Foxie is the only one who doesn't just keel over with embarassment.


Dignity.  Who needs it?

Yep.  We went riding like this.

It's a beautiful day!


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